Corporate Governance

A Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Abex's Company Creed
Loyalty 忠義 (zhong yi) 

Faithful and committed to the organisation for an effective and efficient operation

Sincerity 诚意 (cheng yi) 

Honest and genuine in one’s actions and principles to gain trust and confidence among colleagues and customers

Respect 尊敬 (zun jing) 

Humble and thoughtful to the needs of others to build a better working relationship and stronger rapport with customers

Our Management Philosophy

Mutual Respect

Mutual RESPECT and understanding must be maintained at all times


Continuous SELF-IMPROVEMENT must be sought and Best Effort given to all undertakings

Best Service

Customers must be given the best possible SERVICE


Commitment must be devoted to attaining EXCELLENCE

Our Corporate Objectives
  • To build RAPPORT, comradeship and cooperation with customers and colleagues
  • To enhance ENTREPRENEURSHIP and professionalism
  • To emphasize service of the highest STANDARDS
  • To be more PRODUCTIVE, efficient and dependable during the course of work
  • To EXPAND the company’s horizon through commitment to service and market coverage
  • To be a thoroughly CUSTOMER ORIENTED enterprise
Anti-Corruption And Bribery Policy

Abex Medical System Sdn. Bhd. (“ABEX”) together with its subsidiaries are committed towards ensuring the highest standards of integrity, accountability and professionalism in the conduct of its businesses. ABEX has established Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy for employees and any third party who performs services for and on behalf of ABEX.

All Third Party are expected to fully adhere to our policy for all services provided or conducted with ABEX.

Click here to access the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy.

Disclaimer: This document served as guidelines to the third party. THIS DOCUMENTED INFORMATION WHEN PRINTED is an UNCONTROLLED COPY. ENSURE that the printed copy being used is the current version by checking the latest version on the website..