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Toshiba Radrex-i can be configured with various setups, depending on the clinical practicality. Dual fixed detectors are designed for dedicated x-ray room in a radiology department. Fixed flat panel detectors (FPD) with sizes 17” x 17” for both universal Bucky stand and Bucky table, respectively. For clinical environment which is required to serve for the emergency department, combination of fixed and portable will be ideal.
RexView® - Toshiba unique color LCD touch panel, is installed in the examination room, allowing local control for the comprehensive functions. With the vast automations – Auto Mapping, Auto Synchronization, Auto SID Tracking, to name a few are included adjuvant improved and enhanced clinical workflow and efficiency. Radrex-i adopts and is designed to reduce the operator fatigue with the motorized functions. Various dose-saving mechanisms is practiced and is utilized in Radrex-i, conforming to ALARA principle – Justification and Optimization. Toshiba Radrex-i family comprises of four (4) members: Dual, Mixed, Chest and Standard Plus, providing freedom of selections for various clinical setups and economical considerations.
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