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Extending the capabilities of Ultrasound
Ultrasound has come a long way thanks to, in part, the scientific innovations developed by Toshiba Medical Systems' research engineers. Our clinical ultrasound range is one of the most extensive in the world and boasts images of outstanding clarity and resolution thanks to leading-edge technologies such as Precision Imaging, a multi-resolution signal processing technique, which dramatically improves image quality.

Clinically better

Systems for a wide range of daily clinical applications
Diagnostic images of outstanding clarity and detail
Greater confidence in clinical diagnosis

Financially better
One-touch QuickScan achieves consistent workflow in less time
IASSIST™ increases efficiency by executing protocols with a simple keystroke
Intelligent systems integrate seamlessly into existing networks

Technically better
Identify and suppress noise with Precision Imaging
ApliPure™+ real-time compounding delivers ultrasonic images of outstanding clarity
Better confirmation of micro calcifications with MicroPure™

Unprecedented image quality, ultra-fast and straightforward 4D volume navigation and advanced wall motion assessment using Toshiba's proprietary 3D wall motion tracking technology are now a reality. These are practical innovations that help you gain greater diagnostic safety and efficiency, and your patients to enjoy greater peace of mind. Artida brings best-of-breed cardiac 4D imaging to everyday clinical use

Aplio 500
Picture the perfect ultrasound system. Now take a closer look at Toshiba's Aplio™ 500 ultrasound system and you'll see advancements in every aspect of ultrasound technology and performance. From unsurpassed image quality that delivers exceptional depth and detail to sophisticated ergonomics and software enhancements that elevate efficiency to unmatched levels, Aplio 500 defines a new era in performance.

Aplio 400
The new Aplio delivers outstanding performance for superior clinical precision, diagnostic confidence and departmental productivity. The widest range of advanced imaging and quantification tools gives you valuable additional information that can help avoid supplementary exams to get your diagnostic answer.

Aplio 300
For advanced performance you can rely on day after day, look no further than Toshiba's Aplio 300 ultrasound system. Scalable and versatile, it provides superior image quality with outstanding depth and detail along with enhanced ergonomics and automated features that elevate efficiency to an entirely new level. All of which make Aplio 300 the ideal solution for delivering the essence of what today's demanding ultrasound environments require.

With Xario, Toshiba brings premium technology to an affordable platform of compact, stylish design. Xario combines the highest level of performance with ergonomic design to meet the fast-paced demands of your daily practice with speed and diagnostic confidence.

Xario200, which offers high image quality and excellent performance in a sophisticated and compact system, has been introduced in the market. Xario200 supports accurate diagnosis due to its outstanding mobility, its excellent image quality for visualizing small lesions, and its user-friendly design.

Nemio MX
Nemio MX, the next generation in premium compact ultrasound, is designed to help you get the information you need to make the right decisions quickly and with ease. Nemio MX's small footprint and modular design allows portability wherever it's needed.

Famio 8
Famio 8 combines the latest advances in high-quality ultrasound in a compact and portable black-and-white system. Diagnostic performance, ease of use, mobility, and advanced communication features - Famio 8 offers it all to meet the needs of your daily practice.

Famio Cube
Highly mobile, with a wide range of applications, the Famio Cube delivers excellent image quality and performance in compact, ergonomic package. Featuring an integrated Hard Disk, writeable CD drive and direct connection to an external PC the system keeps in touch wherever it goes.

Famio 5
A full range of functions, all in a small, compact body. Outstanding diagnostic capabilities covering a wide range of applications. High clinical versatility. Easy to use. Fast start-up. All-digital examination storage and networking. Famio 5 - Smart Ultrasound in a compact unit, designed to ease your daily practice.

Have you ever wished for a portable ultrasound system with the same image quality as your premium cart-based machine? Have you ever dreamt about a sophisticated and feature-rich portable system with a touch screen that makes it as easy to use as your premium cart? Sharing its core imaging engine and transducer technology with Aplio XG, Viamo offers high-end image quality also in situations where unlimited portability is required.

Products Highlight
Aquilion One
Helical and multislice imaging built great milestones in the history of CT
Engineered to help you to get the information you need...
Comprises of vast configurations to match and suit the clinical demands
Vantage Titan 3T
Combines the features of Atlas technology with Open-Bore technology