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Computed Tomography (CT)
Quantum detector technology even today delivers unsurpassed image quality at lowest dose. Whether it is the Asteion series or the Aquilion ONE dynamic volume scanner or any of the other systems, Quantum technology is the base for best low contrast images at lowest dose. In addition the 0.5 mm rows enable visualisation of details for some systems as small as 0.31 mm without the need for additional technologies.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
The entire Vantage product line comprises the same magnet. This means that all systems share the same excellent homogeneity enabling you to generate images with outstanding quality. For the reduction of acquisition time, all systems have sequences that features Toshiba's SPEEDER paralel imaging technique creating SPEEDER factors of up to 16x, dependent on channel and coil configuration.
Ultrasound (US)
Our ultrasound product range is one of the most extensive in the world. It offers systems and system configurations for a large range of dedicated clinical applications, research purposes and routine examinations.
X-Ray (XR)
Flexibility with high Performance that's Made for Life. Toshiba developed its first X-ray tube in 1914. Almost a century later, dedication to improving the lives of patients and healthcare staff has kept the company at the forefront of innovations that extend the performance and capabilities of X-Ray imaging.
Biochemistry Analyzer
Toshiba has developed a various capacity of throughput instruments TBA-40FR, TBA-120FR & TBA-200FR, these automated clinical chemistry analyzers, which performs high-speed and high-efficiency analysis using the two-test independent random access method. Among the features of this system are multi-testing capability, rapid measurement, ease of use and low running costs, in addition to its high throughput.
Aquilion One
Helical and multislice imaging built great milestones in the history of CT
Engineered to help you to get the information you need...
Toshiba's Vantage MRI represents a breakthrough in clinical diagnostics
Comprises of vast configurations to match and suit the clinical demands
Vantage Titan 3T
Combines the features of Atlas technology with Open-Bore technology