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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems Made for Life
Toshib a's Vantage MRI represents a breakthrough in clinical diagnostics and patient care with the most advanced magnetic resonance imaging technology available in a system that provides unprecedented comfort for faster, more efficient scans. All Toshiba High Field MRI systems utilize Pianissimo technology.

Unique features maximize comfort for outstanding clinical performance
Vantage Atlas offers these unique features designed to ease patient comfort and allow operators to acquire full body scans with greater speed and accuracy:

  • The world's first 128-element RF integrated coil system to allow clinicians to perform multiple exams without repositioning coils
  • The largest available clinical FOV at 55 x 55 x 50cm
  • Pianissimo technology for the industry´s quietest MRI system. The gradients incorporate sound dampening material and are enclosed in a vacuum to reduce acoustic noise on all sequences, even at full gradient power. A by-product of this technology is a reduction in gradient vibrations that translates to better image quality.

Patient-Focused Care
The Made for Life philosophy has always been at the foundation of Toshiba's MRI systems. With Vantage Atlas, patient stress is reduced for a more comfortable exam experience and shorter scan times. Special features include:

  • Increase patient safety with our industry-unique contrast-free exams that remove the requirement of administering agents along with the potential for gadolinium-induced toxicity.
  • Ultra-short, ultra-wide-bore system to ease claustrophobia without sacrificing performance
  • Toshiba's patented Pianissimo technology to eliminate up to 90% of acoustic noise, dramatically reducing patient anxiety
  • Ability to image 80 percent of the body feet first, including breast
  • Built-in bilateral arm rests
  • Table lowers to 42 cm (16.5 inches) from the floor
  • Patient couch has a 440 lb weight limit

Since 1979 our pioneering magnetic resonance imaging systems have been designed to achieve one ultimate goal - to improve the lives of patients and those caring for them. Toshiba´s newest MRI technologies enable imaging of the entire body that is faster, quieter and more accurate than ever.

Toshiba has come a long way to produce the world's first commercial MRI system.

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Vantage Titan™ 3T
This 71 cm open-bore 3T MRI system meets clinical needs with Multi-Phase Transmission for superior image quality, Atlas SPEEDER™ for increased productivity, and many other advanced features. Powerful, precise, and comfortable, our 3T system provides diagnostic capabilities that are proven to be extremely useful for all MRI examinations.
Vantage Titan™
The Vantage Titan™ has a 71cm wide aperture, yet achieves a high level of magnetic field homogeneity, providing outstanding image quality without compromise. The system comes with new MRI examination standards, including Pianissimo™, a proprietary noise-reduction technology, and innovative imaging solutions using next-generation receiver coils.
RF Coil - Atlas SPEEDER™
Our Atlas SPEEDER™ technology suggests valuable diagnostic data that is compiled into a precise map, both detailed and wide in scope.