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Images that speak volumes in CT
Toshiba Medical Systems developed the first multi-slice helical CT scanner in the last century and has now taken a quantum leap forward in CT technology with the introduction of dynamic volume imaging. With the ability to acquire entire organs in a single moment in time, we have opened the door to a whole new world of diagnostic possibilities.

Faster results lower dose
Introducing the world’s first dynamic volume CT system: the Aquilion ONE™ is set to revolutionise patient care. With 16cm of detector coverage, Aquilion ONE™ can scan most organs with one single rotation, eliminating the need for helical scanning, which, in turn, lowers the dose dramatically. Its patented cone beam algorithm accurately reconstructs multiple points along the wide X-Ray beam to generate single, instant, whole organ volumes without artifacts.

"Our latest CT technology accurately acquires images of the largest volumes in the shortest times"

It’s in the science:
Our patented cone beam algorithm accurately reconstructs higher resolution volumetric data sets without distortion artifacts.

Clinically better
  • Whole organ analysis (e.g. heart, brain, liver) from one scan rotation
  • Low dose capabilities optimised for all clinical applications
  • Advanced functional applications, such as whole-organ CT perfusion

    Financially better
  • Faster scanning for improved workflow
  • Reduced contrast medium dose indicated
  • Simple, efficient workflow, such as five-click cardiac examinations

    Technically better
  • Stunning true dynamic volume imaging with up to 640 slices per rotation
  • Double sampling within the field of view for better resolution
  • Patented algorithms for distortion-free wide-volume reconstruction

  • Helical and multislice imaging built great milestones in the history of CT. Aquilion ONE offers the next leap forward in CT technology that will revolutionize patient care. Clinicians have long dreamed of being able to acquire isotropic volumes of an entire organ with a single rotation of the gantry. This leap is possible only with Toshiba's Aquilion ONE, the only scanner with a 320-row detector.

    Aquilion™ PRIME incorporates cutting edge technologies that not only meet current clinical requirements, but can also serve as a new standard platform in the future. These new technologies make it possible to obtain high-quality clinical images with a low dose and also optimizing workflow.

    Aquilion CXL presents the latest state of technological innovation in Multi Slice CT technology. With the new coneXact algorithm the Aquilion CXL is able to generate 128 unique slices per rotation with more detail then ever before.

    Diagnostic images have never been so clear. Diagnosis has never been so fast and easy.

    Aquilion™ RX is the next 16-row multi-detector CT scanner that supports whole-body scanning. Featuring the high-performance MegaCool™ X-ray tube and advanced Quantum detector, Aquilion™ RX enables fast helical scanning of the entire body. Furthermore, the RX is the latest addition to the Aquilion family with key features such as "Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR)", an iterative reconstruction algorithm which has been designed to further enhance clinical examinations.

    With outstanding image quality in all diagnostic routines and oncology related applications, the Aquilion LB is the first Wide Field CT scanner with a 70 cm scan field and a 90 cm wide bore, increasing diagnostic anatomical coverage for optimized diagnosis and treatment.

    The Activion16 offers fast advanced acquisitions through easy operation by just three steps: Ready (select the scan region) - Set (perform scan planning) - Go (start scanning).

    The new 16-row multislice CT scanner Alexion™ delivers "Real Performance, Really Small", with easy operation and low-dose, high-quality images.

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    The Asteion S4 is a unique combination between economy and quality. Unique as Asteion S4 is the only 4-slice CT using 0.5 mm detector technology with excellent low contrast as well as high contrast resolution properties.

    Products Highlight
    Aquilion™ ONE
    Helical and multislice imaging built great milestones in the history of CT
    Engineered to help you to get the information you need...
    Comprises of vast configurations to match and suit the clinical demands
    Vantage™ Titan 3T
    Combines the features of Atlas technology with Open-Bore technology