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Toshiba Chemistry Analyzer Products

In recent years, there has been an increasing need to narrow down the targets of tests for the analysis of body fluids (serum, urine, etc.) in hospital laboratories because of the reduction in medical expenses. As a result, the number of tests for one patient sample is decreasing. The former system of large automated analyzers cannot be utilized to full capacity in such a situation.

Toshiba has developed a various capacity of throughput instruments TBA-40FR, TBA-120FR & TBA-200FR, these automated clinical chemistry analyzers, which performs high-speed and high-efficiency analysis using the two-test independent random access method. Among the features of this system are multi-testing capability, rapid measurement, ease of use and low running costs, in addition to its high throughput.

All these models are suitable for small, medium and large-size laboratories requiring an instrument for intensive and economical clinical chemistry analysis.
Biochemistry Analyzer TBA-120FR
Toshiba Automated clinical analyzer has been widely used in hospital laboratories to perform clinical chemistry analysis of patient samples such as serum and urine.
Biochemistry Analyzer TBA-40FR (ACCUTE)
The automated biochemical analyzer TBA-40FR, it can run up to 35 tests simultaneously at a maximum throughput of 400 tests/hour.
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