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Non-communicable disease such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been one of the most worrying chronic illnesses. CVD has been one of the major deaths worldwide and is the most in Malaysia, approximately 30% of total death (data from WHO). The disease is costing the public and individuals a huge sum of money. CVD, as the name implies, can be affecting the cardiac (i.e. the heart) and vascular (i.e. blood vessels), hence the disease includes, but not limited to, coronary heart disease (CHD), transient ischemia attack (TIA) or cerebral vascular accident (CVA). Angiography or arteriography has been the gold standard in diagnosing and treating the lesions. Atherosclerosis (or plague) blocking the blood flow to the respective organ, especially the heart or brain, is occluded, causing oxygen deficiency. Imaging technique used in angiography system is able to diagnose the stenosis, requiring the narrowed vessels to be opened-up for normal flow to be restored, using stenting.
Ceiling-suspended Angiography System
Toshiba Infinix-i series with ceiling suspended C-arm, as the name implies, the C-arm is suspended on the ceiling-rail. Various mechanical movements are achievable – head-to-toe, left-to-right, C-arm sliding and rotation. Ceiling-suspended can have configurations of 8-inch or 12- x 16- inch to meet the various clinical requirements.
Floor-mounted Angiography System
Floor-mounted angiography system is, a member of Toshiba Infinix-i family, installed on a sturdy floor base. The compact size combined with advanced digital acquisition and complex applications are designed for advanced cardiac applications. The 8-inch flat panel detector is most suitable for cardiac procedures.
Multi-axis Angiography System – Mono-plane
Toshiba's unique multi-axis floor-mounted angiography system, one of the most advanced positioned, allows cardiac and vascular procedures to be performed with different selections of flat panel detectors. The positioned, unlike conventional floor-mounted system, allows head-to-toe coverage as well as left-to-right brachial access.
Multi-axis Angiography System – Bi-plane
The multi-axis bi-plane angiography system is the combination of the state-of-the-art multi-axis floor positioned and ceiling-suspended Ω arm. The frontal plane, which is installed on the floor, offers a great space of 300° of patient access and patient coverage for both longitudinal and lateral – for head-to-toe and for transradial access, respectively.
Angiography System in Hybrid OR Suite
The trend has evolved, where angiography system can be installed in a conventional operating theatre. Complex setup is the key for comprehensive operating room requirement.
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