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Radiology department plays an important role in the hospital environment, providing diagnostic services to support various discipline for clinical findings. The setup consists of diagnostic equipments using x-ray, ultrasound or MRI to harness the anatomical and physiological information, together with some other auxiliary equipments to enhance the details.

Served as "a-must" have piece of equipment for first line of examination. Patients admitted with trauma will go through the initial diagnosis using x-ray - conventional or digital. Other routine works for skull, chest, abdominal region and extremities also can be performed using Bucky table or stand. Toshiba has Radrex and Radrex-i, conventional and digital respectively, both can be served as general radiography equipment in radiology department.

Real time x-ray examination, also known as fluoroscopy procedure, is also part of the service offered in most of the radiology department. Patient is usually prepared one day earlier before the examination, and will be given information about the procedures to be performed and what can be expected during the examination. Gastro-intestinal (GI) tract will make up most of the clinical examination, but at times, basic angiographic procedures will be carried out. Toshiba offers different setup to fulfil the needs of customer requirements, product range from Plessart Vivo, Plessart EX8, Zexira, Kalare and Ultimax-i.

Breast screening is part of the services provided in the radiology department. Breast cancer is one of the commonest form of cancer affecting female. Ladies above the age of 40 are recommended to undergo screening once every one to two years. Toshiba's Peruru produces superb image quality using small focus spot, combined with ergonomic design, ensuring examinee is comfortable throughout the examination.

Products Highlights
Aquilion™ ONE
Helical and multislice imaging built great milestones in the history of CT
Vantage™ Titan 3T
Combines the features of Atlas technology with Open-Bore technology
Comprises of vast configurations to match and suit the clinical demands
Engineered to help you to get the information you need...