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Vatech PaX-Flex3D Dental Imaging

Flexible solution in digital radiography

Simple solution to upgrade

When customers want to change their current FOV size to a larger FOV size they usually need to buy a separate machine to satisfy their requirement. VATECH offers you total solutions for your upgrade. Customers now can add additional larger FOV sensors for their imaging needs.

For dentists who are expanding their scope in dentistry, VATECH offers state of the art technology & flexibility, like easy upgrade from Pano to CT(3 in1), ct viewer and orthodontic analysis software as well as CT viewing Software. Intra-oral sensors are also offered depending on patients requirements. At VATECH we make our products with the strictest protocol as well as giving you ergonomics and modern technology combined.

FOV size(5X5) is standard of small FOV size

Our standard FOV of 5X5 is capable of checking the occlusal surface up to periodontal ligaments located in the upper or lower jaw. By changing the sensors we can upgrade from panorama to CT.

With reasonable price, VATECH ensures convenience in your treatment. The FOV 8X5 is suitable for Larger diagnostic area such As multiple implant treatment & endodontic procedures.

Ultra HD(High Definition) Panoramic Image

With VATECH¡¯s new innovative Ultra HD technology we offer you more enhanced features and advantages. With its unique 5.2lp/mm compared with the 2.5lp/mm guildeline of DIN for panoramic image, clearly PaX-Flex3D provides more superior and higher quality image. (Option)

Ultra HD Panoramic image, the newest technology from VATECH, Offers the exact image of caries without any distortion, especially in the lower area of Enamel. Furthermore, you can precisely check the actual volume of pulp without Magnification from the panoramic image. Also, after the implant surgery, We can See clearly the commissure of the fixture as well as the trabecular bone & lamina dura. Finally it is also possible to check the condition of alveolar bone.

The special Ultra HD panoramic image of VATECH realizes more clear image with distinguished 5.2lp/mm. It has almost the equal quality with Intra oral sensor covering much more extended area of arch.

3 in 1

PaX-Flex3D is designed for dentists who are novice in implant practice. It's easily upgradable and simple to use. With its multiple FOV size (5x5/8x5) it's perfect for small and middle sized FOV requirements. Metallic design cues for a touch of ultra modern luxury.

Auto-Focusing Technology

Auto-Focusing technology can select the optimized image automatically. Area sensor can take multiple images without concerning mal-positioning and untypical patient arch.
Even if it cannot be used for the dignosis, Auto-Focusing can revise original images automatically. (Option)

Stitching program

Stitching program shows user wide image by merging two or three localized volumes automatically. To obtain wide 3D acquisition, users can operate the stitching program without any upgrade to the CT machine. It¡¯s very useful in multiple implant treatment cases.