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Vatech PaX-500ECT Dental Imaging

The first choice for Implantologist

Superior Panoramic Image

1) Eliminates blurred image of the incisor
    ALC (Adaptive Layer Control) technology

2) Acquires stable high-quality image under any condition
    AOP (Automatic Optimizing Process) technology

3) Captures more clear image for critical usage
    Special scanning mode for incisor, mandibular canal and maxillary molar. For dentists who are expanding their scope in dentistry, VATECH offers state of the art technology & flexibility, like easy upgrade from Pano to CT(3 in1), ct viewer and orthodontic analysis software as well as CT viewing Software. Intra-oral sensors are also offered depending on patients requirements. At VATECH we make our products with the strictest protocol as well as giving you ergonomics and modern technology combined.

One Shot Cephalobetric

Exposure time : 0.9sec
Eliminates motion artifacts in cephalometric image

During scan - safe & simple

Requires only 8 seconds to scan the target

ECT VIEWER acquires 18 frames per second. The scan time is extremely short, but the data is sufficient. It is easy to use the system, because the scanning proceure is the same as that of a panoramic scan.

After scan - same as CT

Image reconstruction identical to a dental CT

PaX-500 ECT uses image reconstruction algorithm identical to a dental CT. An area sensor is adopted as the detector, which provides you with a 3D rendered image.