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Abex Medical System which has traditionally specialized in equipment focused imaging diagnostics, made a dramatic move into the treatment or cancer and brain disorders, if adopted by the medical community it will change the medical industry not only in Malaysia but in the region. With its tie up with Elekta which is responsible for introducing most of the critical technological advances in radiation oncology of the last 30 years.

The key product in its stable of products is Elekta's Leksell Gamma Knife system, which directs up to 201 pencil-thin beams of therapeutic radiation precisely on brain tumors and other targets in the head. With Gamma Knife, patients whose cancer has spread to the brain now have an excellent chance that the problem can be controlled, doing less invasive surgery it is a way that can definitely improve patient outcome, reduce hospital stays, reduce cost and get patients back in the workforce faster. To date more than 500,000 patients worldwide have had Gamma Knife surgery globally with about 50,000 patients annually.

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With major advances in the medical imaging there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of imaging data within the segment, to assist the various medical facilities cope with this exponential growth of data. Abex Medical develop a strategic partnership is the Infinitt Co. Ltd. from Korea which is a globally recognized leader in the PACS and RIS solutions. The Infinitt PACs solution is not only able to fully integrate with Toshiba Medical Systems products but all major players within the imagine industry making it a easy solution to adopt post medical facility with existing imaging equipment from multiple vendors. This multi-vendor friendly solutions, also means that deployment of the solution is relatively fuss free and this has resulted in Abex Medical and Infinitt leading the industry in total number of PACs deployment in Malaysia.


Partnership with Biosensors International Group, Ltd. 

 A leading developer , pioneering manufacturer and marketer for innovative medical devices,  dedicated to developing high definition , redefined Molecular Imaging..

Biosensor redefines SPECT imaging with the innovative D-SPECT Cardiac Imaging System .

Dynamic improvements in both clinical workflow demands and image quality are now possible with D-SPECT Cardiac Imaging system , powered by Biosensor advanced  functional imaging assessment technologies,  to evaluate patients for cardiac interventions.

DSPECT Cardiac Imaging system revolutionizes the entire molecular imaging process and  experience  true breakthrough in Nuclear Imaging.

Dramatic gains in detector performance , combined with proprietary high resolution reconstruction algorithms , allow medical professionals to enhance clinical results while drasctically reducing acquisition time , thereby improving clinical workflow

The capacity to uncover and diagnose reversible ischemia prior to catheterization with precision has turned into an essential issue in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Biosensor advanced imaging systems will facilitate doctors to more effectively establish the appropriate course of treatment for their patients

Biosensors are well-positioned to further increase its presence in the global cardiovascular interventional field with this exciting cardiovascular diagnostic technology.

Together, ABEX will continue to expand Biosensors’ product offering and build the company into a world class medical device enterprise.”


Other Partners

Partnership with other bioengineering equipment producers – Diversity and professionalism

While Abex Medical System continues to develop partnerships we will carefully consider the impact on all key stakeholders in our business our team, our customer and our principal. Our decisions are guided by our key focus on Service Excellence and Professionalisms. We will never compromise this core value in the pursuit of new opportunities and challenges.